Beholden to Balance Series


Book 3: Hunter


"It's time for our queen to reign."

With a wave of Absinthe's hand, my entire world went up in flames.

The stage is set, the game in motion. Hunters, angels, and demons alike, sit in the stands to await my fate.

Seven trials in Heaven and Hell will decide if I live or die, but when I can't tell reality from illusion or good from evil anymore, I start to wonder what kind of chance I really have at winning.

Confused and acting on instinct alone, I feel like I'm already failing.

I'd better get it together and figure it out fast. If I don't, it's not just going to be my life on the line...

All lives will be at stake.

Welcome to the gauntlet, Becks.


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HUNTER is book 3 in a dark & gripping slow-burn reverse harem romance series. This nearly completed series will transport fans of strong female lead characters and urban fantasy into a fascinating world full of magical creatures, danger, and sizzling desire.



HUNTER is book three in this series, and there will be a cliffhanger. It also has drug references, foul language, violence, sexual situations, and content that could be triggering for some readers. It is only intended for readers 18+.


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Beholden To Balance Reading Order:

1. Initiate

2. Reign

3. Hunter

4. Defender


Published: November 23, 2020
Publisher: Cilla Raven Books
Pages: 244
Formats: Ebook, Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-7332083-7-6


eBook $4.99

Paperback $15.99


Dark Fantasy, Romance, Shape Shifter, Paranormal, Fantasy, Magic, RH Romance, New Adult, Slow Burn