My 1st Signing!!

Updated: Apr 23

Dreaming Dirty in Michigan Apr 9, 2022

I had my first ever author signing today in Ann Arbor, Michigan!

From the time I put my name on the form a few months ago, all the way up until this morning when I was getting ready, I had no idea what to expect or what I was doing.

The only things I knew I needed to bring with me were copies of my books, but beyond that, I was winging everything haha.

Honestly, I was so nervous being in the same room with all of those amazing authors that when I was walking in, I legitimately wondered if I deserved to be there too… if it paints a better picture for you, my hand was shaking for that first autograph 😅.

All in all though, my nerves chilled out eventually, and I ended up having a blast.

There were even people there that had read my books already, which completely blew my mind!

All those other authors I was talking about? Yeah, every single one that I met was cool AF.

I learned so much, picked up a few books for myself, and didn’t even make it weird when I fangirled out a couple times! 😂

The next one I’ll be at is in Tampa, Florida in June, so if you’re ever near one of these signings, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND attending if you can - as much as I enjoyed being a signing author, I would’ve loved it as a reader too!

Numbers are hard 😂

Look at all these authors!! Omg!!

My next signing! If you’d like to attend this one, you can find all the info under the events section of the menu. I hope to see you there!

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