Beholden to Balance Series

Book 2: Reign


Becks’ outlook on life has never been better since her meds are gone and she can finally see the supernatural world again.

There are new realms, brand-new creatures, and an entire world to save from the apocalypse. She has an elf-goyle familiar and three distractingly steamy teammates who will stop at nothing to protect her and help her along the way.

However, with a price still on her head, an unexplainable sickness killing off elder vampires, and portals to the Veil closing up everywhere she turns, Becks can’t relax for long before the cold realities of her new world start to sink in.

"With the blessing of life comes the curse of purpose," and if Becks finally discovers what her true purpose is, she might not be able to handle it.


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REIGN is book 2 in a dark & gripping slow-burn reverse harem romance series. This nearly completed series will transport fans of strong female lead characters and urban fantasy into a fascinating world full of magical creatures, danger, and sizzling desire.



REIGN is book two in this series, and there will be a cliffhanger. It also has drug references, foul language, violence, sexual situations, and content that could be triggering for some readers. It is only intended for readers 18+.


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Beholden To Balance Reading Order:

1. Initiate

2. Reign

3. Hunter

4. Defender


Published: April 14, 2020
Publisher: Cilla Raven Books
Pages: 270
Formats: Ebook, Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-7332083-2-1


eBook $4.99

Paperback $15.99


Dark Fantasy, Romance, Shape Shifter, Paranormal, Fantasy, Magic, RH Romance, New Adult, Slow Burn