The lost savages mc

Wake Updated Cover.jpg

Sorry to whoever wrote the scripts for the fairytales I grew up watching in movies as a kid, but bruh, you got it all wrong.

Fabulous, floor-length gowns and fairy godmothers don’t appear out of nowhere, promising to fix all your problems when you’re at your lowest, crying on a bench in a torn dress.

Random animals have never cleaned anything I’ve ever owned, and though I would bend over backward to have a pet dragon that breathes fire, the best I can hope for is a small bearded dragon.

Knights in shining armor can be real, but they don’t just appear out of nowhere, either.

They don’t ride in on a white horse, reaching a gloved hand down so they can whisk you away into the sunset.

They drive up on Harleys, hand you a helmet, tell you to hold on tight, and f*ck your world up in the best way possible.

Too bad I had to go through a certified villain before I learned this… before I finally woke up to reality.



Wake is a contemporary romance novel set in Topsail Island, North Carolina.

It has some dark themes, including abuse, drug references, foul language, violence, sexual situations, and content that could be triggering for some people. It is only intended for readers 18 years and older.