Cilla Raven is an indie author that lives in North Carolina with her husband, five children, and a big fluffy Great Pyrenees named Luna. She's an obsessive reader that cusses too much and has too much attitude to take seriously from her four foot eleven frame.

She constantly has stories running through her mind from the depths of her own complicated, funny, sometimes dark, and scary subconscious that eat at her until she has no choice but to write them down. She falls for all of her characters, even the "bad" ones, knowing they probably didn't start out that way. Such is life or whatever.

Cilla has a pants-off after 10 P.M. mentality, loves music and dancing in her underwear, dirty humor, playing video games, funny animal videos (probably more than is necessary), and good food to name a few of the things that excite her.

Hopefully, this lets you get to know her a little better, but if you still have questions, don't be shy!

Send her an email or hit her up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. She'd love to hear from you!